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Your Date of Birth
What do you do for a living, and how long have you been there?
Just let us know where you went to school, when, and what you studied, starting with high school and including anything that's relevant!
We can't guarantee your preference will be available, we are just wanting to know up front what you'd prefer!
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If married, what's your anniversary date?
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What churches have you attended? What roles have you served in? How long were you there?
Maybe you were highly involved or you never went to youth group! We just want to get a sense of what experiences you are drawing from.
Spiritual Life
Please briefly describe your beliefs regarding the following issues:
Background Information
Have you, at any time, been involved in or accused (rightly or wrongly) of sexual abuse, maltreatment or neglect? *
Have you ever been accused of possession/sales of controlled substances or of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? *
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If yes, would you like to speak to a counselor or pastor? *
Have you ever been asked to step away from ministry or work with students or children in any setting, paid or volunteer? *
Is there anything in your past or current life that might be a problem if we found out about it later? *
Please provide the email address of 2 non-family members whom we could contact with a reference form
Please indicate how you know this person
Please indicate how you know this person
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To the best of my knowledge, all of the above information is correct and without error. In whichever role I may be placed, I will do my best to fulfill my role and its expectations to the best of my ability. I give Vertical Church full permission to verify the above information and contact all references. I understand that violation of the expectations of a student ministry volunteer will result in my termination from that position.
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