Summer Updates for Vertical Students

Today is Baptism Sunday!

Today, we’ll be celebrating 3 of our students going public with their faith through baptism! We told our students last week to wear WHITE and come ready to celebrate & be loud!

Student Baptism marks the END of our school year calendar for Vertical Students! It’s been an amazing year!

We’ve seen students…
…take next steps in their faith
…grow closer to their small group and adult leaders
…place their trust in Jesus + go public through baptism!

We are so encouraged by this year and we hope you are too!

But summer is upon us, and we wanted to communicate with you about our schedule for Vertical Students this summer so you can plan accordingly!

May 26 is Student Baptism Sunday, and will mark the end of our student ministry school calendar. So, no Vertical Students tonight (May 26) or next week (June 2), but we’ll launch strong on June 9 for Summer!

Introducing Summer Nights at Vertical Students


Our Summer Program will look a little different than our school year ministry calendar. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Our usual Sunday night gatherings will stay at the same time (6-7:30 pm) per the survey that we took earlier this year! (Thanks for everyone who participated!)

    • Most nights will include a lot of the same elements from during the school year, including Bible teaching, games, and snacks, but we’ll focus more on building relationships and hanging out to match the relaxed vibe of summer!

    • Most nights will have a THEME that is communicated earlier in the week

  • In addition, because summer usually means more free time, we might also have a few grassroots hangouts — whether it be going out to eat, having an impromptu movie night, etc — be on the lookout for those!

  • And of course, our students who registered for Crossroads Summer Camp will be gone the week of July 15-19, so we won’t have student ministry that week on the July 14 in order to be prepared for that!

Calendar Overview

May 26 - Student Baptism Sunday // No Vertical Students Tonight

June 2 - Off - No Vertical Students (we use this week to gear up for an awesome summer!)

June 9 - SUMMER NIGHTS BEGIN // 6-7:30 PM

June 16 - Summer Nights

June 23 - Student Ministry Off-Site Activity - stay tuned for more details

June 30 - Summer Nights

July 7 - Summer Nights (4th of July Theme)

July 15-19 - Crossroads Summer Camp (No Vertical Students on June 14)

July 21 - Summer Nights

July 28 - Summer Nights



I have a 5th grader who’s moving up into 6th grade — when can they start attending VS?

Now! If you’re student is graduating 5th grade and heading into 6th grade, they are now allowed to come out to any student ministry activity other than summer camp!

We want them to get as comfortable with other students & leaders at VS as quickly as possible, so the best time for them to start coming is over the summer!

If I graduated high school, am I allowed to still come to VS over the summer?

If you graduated high school this year, you are welcome to come to all VS events until the end of summer!

We also want to invite all graduating seniors to join our college/young adult small group on Wednesday nights!

What time/date will Vertical Students be at over the summer?

We’ll keep meeting from 6:00 - 7:30 pm over the summer. Occasionally, we may have off-site events, such as a pool party or movie night, but when we do, we’ll communicate about those events with specific times + details!