Vertical Students Tonight — May 5, 2019

Can I ask a question?

Tonight, we are starting a new series called “Questions,” and we couldn’t be more excited!

A few weeks ago, we asked students to anonymously submit questions they have about faith, the Bible, and living as a Christian. We were amazed at some of the questions that were submitted:

  • “How do I talk to people from other religions about my faith?”

  • “Is Jesus the only way to God? Is Christianity really the only true religion?”

  • “How should Christians treat LGBTQ+ people?”

  • “What happens to people when they die?”

Whether we realize it or not - THESE are the questions our students are asking. THESE are the questions that holding them up in their faith. So we decided to make a series addressing a few of these questions.

While we aren’t addressing every question raised, we are taking the TOP 3 questions most common questions we received and putting them into this series.

Here’s what the series will look like:

  • Week 1: Why do Christians still sin? If I sin, am I really saved?

  • Week 2: How do we get along with other Christians who don’t share our convictions?

  • Week 3: How do I talk about my faith to someone who isn’t a Christian? How do I share faith with someone from another religious background?

We realize we can’t comprehensively cover all there is to say about these topics, but we are hoping to start a conversation both here in our church and hopefully, in your home! Because our questions don’t have to shake our faith, they can actually help us grow deeper in our relationship with God!

What We’re Teaching

Tonight, we are covering the question: If I’m a Christian, why do I still sin?

Have you ever felt powerless to overcome sin in your life? You want to please God, but it seems so hard. That tension can lead you to question, “Am I even really saved? Is there something wrong with me?”

Tonight, we want students to see that a Christian (which we are defining as an active follower of Jesus; not just someone who claims to be a “Christian”) will still struggle with sin, but they aren’t ruled by it. In Christ, we have the ability to overcome sin, as well as the security from God that our sin has been forgiven at the cross. We’ll be visiting texts like Romans 7:21-25, James 1, and Ephesians 6.

We want students to understand that sanctification takes time, but there are ways we fight against sin. Every believer will struggle with sin, but in Christ, we can be forgiven and overcome the power of sin in our lives. One day, sin will be totally eradicated and we’ll fully be the people that God intends for us to be! Until that day, we press on and fight.

We hope you’ll continue this discussion at home and in the coming weeks!

Parent Connection

  1. What areas of your life do you struggle with sin?

  2. Why do you think it’s so easy to fall into the same patterns of sin?

  3. CONTEMPLATE your own heart. Ask yourself: where am I falling short of God's standard?

  4. CELEBRATE your growth in grace. Ask yourself: how have I grown in this area over time?

  5. ANTICIPATE the return of Christ. Ask yourself: why will the new heavens and the new earth be better?


We see our role at Vertical Students as coming alongside families, not replacing them! With that in mind, we wanted to provide you a few articles to help you continue to think through this question with your family!

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Justin Laskowski