Vertical Students Tonight — May 12, 2019

Questions Pt. 2

Last week, we kicked off our series, “Questions,” which is a series where we answer some of the questions students submitted anonymously. Tonight, we’re continuing with the next big question:

“How do we get along with Christians who believe differently than I do?”

What We’re Teaching

It can be both confusing, and tricky to navigate — why do Christians come to different convictions about certain things like entertainment, alcohol, and lifestyle choices. We believe the same things regarding doctrine (like, Jesus being the only way to be saved) but we disagree on the things that Scripture isn’t super clear about. As a student following Jesus, how do we approach that?

Tonight, we’ll be looking at Romans 14 to address the concept of “Christian Liberty” and we’ll see how what unites us is more important than what divides us. We don’t bend on truth, but we recognize that on areas where Scripture isn’t super clear, we don’t force our opinions. And ultimately, we find unity by imitating Christ’s example of humility (Phil 2). In areas of disagreement when it comes to our preferences and opinions, we put others above ourselves because that’s what Jesus did for us!

Parent Connection

Have you ever talked with your student about the “WHY" behind the “WHAT” of your family rules? Surely, your students know what they are and aren’t allowed to do, but could they articulate why? Do they know the difference in what things are “family house rules” and which ones are “God rules” because of the Bible?

Take some time to talk with your student this week about why you have the family rules that you do. In doing so, make sure to highlight which things are “family values” and which things are found in Scripture. We’re praying for you and rooting for you!


Don’t forget! We only have two weeks left of regular Student Ministry! We’ll cap off our year with the Student Baptism Service, and then launch summer program on June 9.

Let us know if you have any questions!