Vertical Students Tonight — April 28, 2019

It’s a party!


Tonight is a Party Night, which means rather than having a formal teaching & worship time, we’ll be hanging out, playing games, and growing our relationships together! We’ll be playing board games and a few “board-game inspired” competition games. Whether you love strategy games, or “go-fish” is more your speed, you don’t want to miss out on tonight!

If you’re newer to our ministry, here’s our rationale behind party nights; essentially they have three aims:

  1. They help keep Sunday nights fresh — we break up the normal flow of the year with a few fun parties!

  2. They provide us opportunities to create DEEPER relationships between students and leaders — discipleship requires relationships, and nothing breaks down walls quite like having fun and making memories together!

  3. They provide an easy “on-ramp” for new students (especially unchurched students) — regular student ministry nights can be fast moving and intimidating if you don’t know anyone, but party nights provide us a time to hang out in a more relaxed, relational environment (and increase the likelihood students come back the next week!) . That’s why we always want to encourage students to INVITE a friend to party nights!

Whichever of these purposes it’s serving for your student, we love to have fun and help your students take steps in their faith! We hope you’ll be there!

Justin Laskowski