Vertical Students Tonight — March 7, 2019

Who Am I?


We’re continuing in our study through Ephesians tonight with a special guest, Fran McCarthy! Many of you know Fran as Pastor Matt’s dad, but Fran is ALSO a veteran youth group leader. We’re so excited to hear him share from Ephesians 3!

Parent Connection

Ephesians 3 contains the second prayer of Paul for the Ephesians — Paul prays twice for the Ephesians in 3 chapters — prayer is a big deal to Paul and it should be a big deal to us! One of our pillars as a church is unceasing prayer. Pastor Matt often says, “Prayer precedes power” — if we want to experience God’s power in our lives, we need to seek him in a posture of prayer.

How much a priority is prayer in your families life if you didn’t count praying before meals, or quickly before bed? Does your student see you modeling prayer for your family?

One way to create a culture of prayer in your family is to attend First Wednesday with our church family. The more your students are exposed to public prayer, the more likely they’ll pick up the habit themselves.

Here are some questions to consider and ask your student:

  1. How are we doing as a family with prayer? Do you think it’s something we emphasize?

  2. Do you struggle to pray? How can we make it a priority?

  3. How can I pray for you this week?

Coming Up

On March 17, we’ll be having our next PARTY NIGHT — a St. Patrick’s Day party with prizes for the best all-green costumes! We’ll play games, goof off, and have an awesome time together. Hope to see you there! (also, despite the picture, shirts ARE required :) ) Be sure to come in all green!

We have party nights to 1) break up the normal routine of student ministry with something fun, 2) give small group leaders and small groups a chance to bond, and 3) to provide an easy “on-ramp” for new students — we always encourage our students to think of a friend to invite to Party Night! We’d love your help in helping them think through who to bring!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!