Vertical Students Tonight — February 17, 2019

Can you see it?


We’re in week 2 of our series “Who Am I?”

What We’re Teaching

Have you ever been in a situation where something was affecting your sight?
Maybe you’ve been driving in the dark and missed your turn.
Maybe you’ve been heard a sound in the night that spoked you.
Maybe your son or daughter has scared you before when you couldn’t see them in a crowd…

Losing your sight can be scary. When you can’t see, it can cause all sorts of other problems.

In Ephesians 1:15-23, Paul prays that the Ephesians would have SPIRITUAL SIGHT — that they’d have their eyes opened to see God’s power in their lives.

Tonight, we want students to see the HOPE we have in the gospel, our WORTH to God, and GOD’S POWER displayed in resurrection and Jesus’ final reign.

Parent Connection

We’re going to encourage students to pray what Paul prays — to have “the eyes of our hearts enlightened.” Specifically, we’re going to challenge them to:

  • Pray that God will help them know Him better

  • Pray for other believers, that God would encourage and strengthen all of us

  • Pray for someone who doesn’t know Christ, that God would open their eyes

This week, ask your student who are some of the people they prayed for. Share with them who you are praying for and ask how you can pray for them. Take a few moments this week to read Ephesians 1:14-23 and pray Paul’s prayer for your student.