Vertical Students Tonight — February 10, 2019

Finding our identity in Christ


Coming off of an awesome WINTERFEST weekend, Vertical Students is back tonight and starting a brand new series in the Book of Ephesians.

What We’re Teaching

Why Ephesians? The Book of Ephesians has been called the “mini-Romans” and the “Queen of the Epistles.” In it, we get one of the most comprehensive presentations of theology and what God has done for us in the gospel, but it’s also concise and easy to read — only 6 chapters and 155 verses).

In a world where teenagers are constantly being bombarded with temptation that makes them question who they are and how they should live, Ephesians points to the answer to both of those questions — we are IN Christ and made to walk in that truth.

Tonight, we’ll be focusing on Ephesians 1:1-14, in which Paul lays out all that God has done for us in Christ. A fun note: this sentence in the original Greek in one continuous sentence with no punctuation — it’s a prayer of praise that bursts out of Paul as he considers all that God has done for him in Christ.

If I’m being honest, the gospel doesn’t always produce that response in me. What about you? Are you blown away with the goodness of God in Christ every time you think of it? Does remembering all God has done in you prompt this kind of worship? Why not? Maybe it’s because we fail to remember and realize all God has done. We are “In Christ” but we don’t always comprehend all that means. Tonight, we want students to see that, just like Paul, when you comprehend all God has done for you in Christ, you can’t help but worship Him.

Big Idea: WHen you comprehend all god has done for you in Christ, the only proper response is worship

Talk About It

One of the lines that Pastor Matt says all the time is “theology leads to doxology.” In other words, as we learn more about God and understand more of who he is, it leads us to worship him for how good he is.

What’s an aspect of God that blows you mind? What causes you wonder and worship as an adult? Is it creation — seeing how powerful God is? Is it someone you know who was dramatically changed by God? Is it the mystery of a perfect God would die for his enemies? What is it that grasps your heart? Have you ever talked about that with you student?

This week, think of one aspect of God that causes you to be amazed by God and share that with your student. Ask them to think of an aspect of God that fascinates them and explore that with them.

Summer Camp

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