WINTERFEST Day 1 & Weekend Schedule

Today is the day!


WINTERFEST is here and we couldn’t be more excited!

We’ve been praying and planning for this weekend for months and we can’t wait for students to arrive. But as always, we want to give YOU, the parent, the inside scoop.

First things first, if you’re a last-minute planner, here’s the TWO THINGS you probably most want to know:


Make sure you come in with your student to pay off any remaining balances, complete your medical authorization form, and to ask any questions!


Here’s the packing list!

  • Bible and Pen

  • Sleeping bag/bedding and pillow

  • SNACKS! (c’mon, who doesn’t love snacks?)

  • Weather appropriate clothes for playing outside

  • Clothes for 2 days of activities

  • Toiletries / Towel


If you’re interested in following along with what we’re doing this weekend, here’s the schedule of events! We’d love for you to be praying for your student as they go to different activities and especially during the sessions.

Friday, February 1

6:30 pm Check In

7:00 pm Session 1

9:00 pm Drive to Host Homes

10:00 pm Small Group Discussions

12:00 am Lights Out

Saturday, February 2

8:00 Breakfast & Quiet Time

10:00 Session 2

12:00 Lunch

1:00 pm Scavenger Hunt

4:00 pm Group Activity (BOWLING!)

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Session 3

10:00 pm Small Groups @ Host Homes

12:00 am Lights Out

Sunday, February 3

7:30 Breakfast & Quiet Time

9:00 Clean Up

9:30 Leave for Church

10:00 Sunday Service at Vertical Church // Pick Up

What We’re Teaching

This weekend, we’ll be exploring a series we’re calling “Look.” Whether we realize it or not, we are all looking for something in life. We search for significance in relationships, hobbies, careers, and who people think we are. The problem is, those things can never satisfy the eternal longing of our souls.

Tonight, we are studying Ecclesiastes - how life without Jesus leaves us empty. We’re encouraging students to LOOK UP to see a God whose so much bigger than the things we live our lives for and to meditate on his love for us.

Speaker Spotlight: Anthony Lucarini


Anthony is a student pastor at Low Country Community Church in Bluffton, SC. Growing up in a Christian family, he came to know God at a young age, but after his family was devastated by a divorce, he had to truly learn what it means to depend on God personally.  

As a junior in high school, Anthony felt called to ministry and went on to attend Bryan College where he played basketball. He later became a camp counselor at Kannakuk Camps in Branson, Missouri while being trained for ministry at the Kannakuk Institute. Combining his life experiences, his ministry training, and relatable personality, Anthony is able to connect the timeless truths of Scripture to the everyday life of a teenage student.  

We’re so excited to have Anthony with us this weekend!

Let us know if you have any questions about this weekend & please join us in praying for God to use this weekend for his glory! See you at 6:30 pm!