Vertical Students Tonight — January 27, 2019

We were created to worship

Tonight, we’re wrapping up our 4-part series Know God. For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about spiritual habits we can develop to know God better and grow in our faith. We’ve looked at Bible reading, prayer, and sharing our faith, and in Week 4 we’ll focus on the topic of WORSHIP.


What We’re Teaching

When we hear the word “worship,” our minds, almost unconsciously, think of singing worship songs; the 20-30 minutes we dedicate during the week to sing corporately as a church. After all, we have worship music played by a worship band lead by a worship leader. It’s no wonder we often associate the the two.

While worship certainly includes singing, a biblical picture of worship encompasses far MORE than just singing. Romans 12:1 tells us that the way we live our lives in submission to God is worship. Worship is more than just a song, it’s a response. It’s a response to what we are living for. Everything that we do in our lives is done in worship to SOMETHING, whether that’s worshipping ourselves, our image, entertainment, or something else. How do we recalibrate to worship the true God?

Tonight, we want students to see that worship is NOT just singing a few songs at church — it’s a RESPONSE to who God is. We can live our lives as WORSHIP to him in the every day decisions that we make and the way we live (yes, and in singing too!).

BIG IDEA: Worship isn’t just the songs we sing, it’s about the life we live.

Talk About It

There are a lot of ways we worship God. Spend some time talking with your student this week about what it would look like to do even seemingly obscure things as an act of worship to God. How do we do homework to the glory of God? Or play sports to the glory of God? Or watch TV to the glory of God?

Are there ways we can glorify him in those activities? Are there ways we could dishonor God in those activities?

No Vertical Students Next Week

Lastly, because of WINTERFEST & the Super Bowl, we won’t have Vertical Students on NEXT SUNDAY, February, 3.

Enjoy the time with family watching the big game & resting up from the retreat!