Vertical Students Tonight — January 20, 2019

We are all missionaries

In part 3 of our Know God series, we’ll be talking about an often overlooked spiritual habit: sharing our faith with others.


What We’re Teaching

We talk about the things we love — sports, a great movie, a new restaurant in town… It’s how we are wired. Yet, when it comes to talking about our faith, we suddenly get nervous.

  • What will I say?

  • What if I sound stupid?

  • What if I can’t answer all of their questions?

  • How do I even bring this up?

  • Do I even know what I believe?

In 1 Peter 3:15-17, Peter gives us some insight to WHAT to share and HOW to share it. We may not have the answers to every question, but we must know the REASON for the hope we have in Christ.

BIG IDEA: You don’t have to know everything to share something

Talk About It

Have you ever shared your testimony (the story of how you came to know Christ) with your student? It’s surprising to think about, but I didn’t hear how my own parents were saved until I was well into my teenage years. Hearing of how God worked in someone else’s life can help you see God in your own life.

Does your student have a relationship with Christ?

If so, can they articulate their story of conversion?

If we teach our students to articulate what they believe in the safe environment of our homes or churches, how can we ever expect them to do it out in the world?

The Bible encourages us to talk about our faith (peacefully) with others. Ask your high schooler how comfortable they feel discussing their faith. Help them come up with a few go-to phrases they can share if they’re asked about their beliefs.

Ask them what questions or doubts they have and help them explore what the Bible (not just the church, or mom & dad) really says.

Sharing our faith is a central part of the Christian life, yet many of us struggle in this area.

It’s hard to do it ourselves, much less help someone else to do it, but God enables us to do what he asks us to do. We’re here to help, too!

I’m rooting for you & praying for you this week!